May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table


Job and Volunteer Positions


Occasional or Full Time Volunteer

The Schomberg Agricultural Society is a community volunteer organization. In this ever-changing society, we understand the need to maintain a solid reliable volunteer base and welcome anyone who would like to assist the Society in any way.

Occasional volunteers often assist in actual events, such as the Fair itself, and would do so on a part-time basis. Full time volunteers are more interested in being a part of the Fair Committee, or a board member. Full time volunteers are available year-round to be involved in the planning processes of the Fair. Both occasional and full time positions allow members of our community to become more involved in our biggest event, more aware of the roots of our community, as well as meet new people.


Community Service/Youth Volunteer

We believe that youth are the way of the future and are a very important part of the Schomberg Agricultural Society. We welcome youth involvement at fair time and throughout the year and encourage anyone looking to earn community hours to contact us.

Community service volunteers are usually high school students, looking to gain the hours necessary to graduate

To volunteer, or learn more about volunteering with the Schomberg Agricultural Society, please email