May 25 to 28, 2023
173rd Fair Theme: Through the Farm Gates

Featured Attractions at Schomberg Fair

Live Music with Bill Nadeau at Schomberg Fair

Music by Bill Nadeau

Bill Nadeau is a professional, full-time guitarist, singer songwriter, performer from the Toronto, Ontario area. Playing everything from blues, rock, jazz, country and much more!

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Coming Up Milhouse

Coming Up Milhouse are a Pop Punk quartet from Toronoto. Bringing big riffs, catchy choruses and a great sense of fashion, these lads will rock

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Jess Bowman

Jess Bowman is a singer/songwriter/musician who prides herself in playing and writing music that any age can relate to and enjoy. With a wide variety

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Matt Morson

Born and raised Schomberg, Matt used his passion and desire for music and songwriting as a way to express himself. Matt picked up his first

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Sheep Herding Demo

Come and see the Sheep Herding demonstration at Schomberg Fair on Saturday May , 2022 A sheepdog trial (also herding event, stock dog trial or

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