May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table

Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby at Schomberg Fair

The Demolition Derby started back in the 70′s with a pit that fit about 6 cars and that was squared off using hydro poles and massive logs. Some members remember that no one thought it would last beyond 4 years – until all the old broken down cars in Schomberg were destroyed!

Over a quarter of a century later years later and what has been called the “largest car accident this side of the County Line” is still going strong! Competitors revive last year’s cars, or find “new” ones, always ready to destroy their opponents by the time the next annual Schomberg Agricultural Fair rolls around.

During the winter months, the search starts for the vehicle that will be the One to enter the Demo Derby and be strong enough to handle all the bump and bruises it will take . Many garages, sheds, and barns in Schomberg and surrounding areas are home to vehicles that the drivers and pit crews hum and haw over – debating, planning, and “Frankensteining” their chosen vehicle to help give them the edge to withstand the pounding it will take once it enters the pit.

Since the conception of the Schomberg Agricultural Society’s Demolition Derby in 1975, there has been many changes to the pit area. Safety is one of the main concerns of the SAS and we have taken steps over the years to ensure the safety of not only the drivers, but the spectators as well.

In 2011, the SAS did a full reconstruction of the Derby pit. Drainage, lighting, barriers, and a larger pit were constructed in order to make the safest, most accommodating experience for everyone. The pit was enlarged from 20×20 feet to a whopping 20×50! Making the pit bigger not only gives the cars mroe room to move around, but also allows more cars to compete in each round. This improvement saw the heats go longer, giving the crowd more of the demolition they came to see!

The SAS is always trying to bring something new to the Derby to keep the crowd entertained (as if they need more entertaining!). In 2011 we saw the introduction of the Mini Van class, an absolute favourite! The drivers and spectators soon found out it was hard to kill a van and this heat lasted an amazing 10 minutes! In 2012, the Pick Up truck invitational heat was introduced. This brought many hoots and hollers and bangs and crashes that wowed the crowd. Watch for theses expanded classes and possibly something new in 2024!

In 2012, it was Mallory Groombridge and her little red “sports car“ was a local favourite who stole the hearts of the crowd. People chanted her name as she move through the pit, escaping hits and delivering big blows to her competitors. At times it was even hard to hear the announcer, Joe Skully, over the cheering of the crowd. Mallory came in third place, but in the crowds mind she placed first.

Mallory and many others have captured the hearts of the crowd over the years… cars that take on transformations are often favourites: changing a car’s look (from Chev Wagon to the Terminator, or a Hyundai into Zombie the Rolling Dead) always makes a crowd pleaser!

SAS is calling all drivers to sign up for this year’s Demolition Derby!

Go to the registration form and fill it out and send it in and save $10 on your entry fee.

See you at the Fair!