May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table

2018 Fair Poster and Theme

The 2018 Fair Poster is here. Country Roots and Cowboy Boots.

Our 2018 theme is a collaboration of several ideas which were brought forth by our members.

We asked ourselves this year, what theme could we possibly give our 168th fair that describes the Schomberg Agricultural Society? So at our Annual General Meeting in November, we put the challenge out to the members who were present.

At the end of the night, we were left with quite a few ideas. The great thing was that they ALL had one thing in common. They all made reference to “our roots” and to what is important to all of us, farmers and non-farmers. What we believe represents the Schomberg Agricultural Society is not only farming and agriculture as a whole, but maintaining our presence and our “Country Roots” in and around our community.

We take great pride in educating our community and explaining/demonstrating the “farm to table” term to the many, many fairgoers that come through our gates each year.

Most of our Society members were born and raised as farmers in Schomberg and the surrounding hamlets. They are the true meaning behind “Country Roots” having also raised their own children and grandchildren in the very homes they, themselves were raised in. Roots, deep roots.

And what would a farmer be without a tough, mucked up pair of cowboy boots? Worn, torn and keeping tired feet warm and dry on those long days and nights. Yet, cleaned up, snazzy and ready for their Sunday best.

Combining the two seemed only natural.

We invite you to join us for 168th Agricultural Spring Fair, Thursday May 24 – Sunday May 27, 2018.

See you at the fair!

Cathy D’Alessandro


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