May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table

Savour the Flavours at the Schomberg Fair

Savour the Flavours at the Schomberg Fair

Local Vendors: A Celebration of Homegrown Delights

The Schomberg Fair is a vibrant gathering of community spirit and a delectable showcase of local artisans and purveyors. Step into the bustling vendor booths, and you’ll be greeted by a tempting array of homemade treats, handcrafted wares, and locally sourced delicacies. From savoury snacks to sweet indulgences, these booths truly taste the region’s culinary heritage and craftsmanship.

Food Booths and Food Trucks: A Feast for All Senses

Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable culinary adventure as you explore the diverse food offerings at the Schomberg Fair. The air is filled with tantalizing aromas wafting from the food booths and food trucks, beckoning you to indulge in a mouthwatering array of classic fair fare and international flavours.

Classic Fair Favorites

For those seeking nostalgic comfort foods, the fair has you covered. Sink your teeth into juicy burgers hot off the grill, or savour the irresistible combination of a perfectly grilled hot dog nestled in a soft bun. Indulge in a piping hot serving of golden fries, seasoned to perfection and begging to be dipped in your favourite condiment.

Delectable Specialties

But the culinary delights at the Schomberg Fair go beyond the classics. Prepare your taste buds for the tantalizing Philly cheesesteak on a bun, a heavenly blend of sliced steak, melted cheese, and savoury seasonings. Satisfy your cravings with a flavorful chicken or turkey wrap bursting with fresh ingredients and zesty dressings.

Sweet Treats Galore

No fair experience would be complete without indulging in the sweet temptations that await you. From the irresistible aroma of freshly popped kettle corn to the sugary delights of candy floss (also known as cotton candy), the fair offers a variety of treats to satisfy even the sweetest of cravings. And let’s not forget the timeless classic – popcorn, a salty-sweet snack that pairs perfectly with the lively atmosphere of the fair.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the region, the Schomberg Fair promises to be a gastronomic odyssey like no other. Immerse yourself in this beloved community event’s sights, sounds, and flavours, and create lasting memories with every bite.


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