May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table


The melting of winter snow.  The return of the robin’s and swans.  Green grass and buds on the trees.  All signs of spring, but there is another sign telling us that spring is in the air.  Posters everywhere telling us that The Schomberg Agricultural Spring Fair is once again coming to town!  Yes its only 6 weeks away!  Our 162nd Annual Spring Fair.  Now that’s a sure sign of Spring!

Our Committees are busy organizing and getting ready for the Annual Spring Fair on May 24 to May 27. One of our newly re-formed committees is our Agri-Kids. They met on Sunday April 15 to organize their part in this year’s Fair.  Each of the kids has already helped out throughout the weekend during past fairs but now want to have a more active role.

This year the Agri-Kids are going to put a float together and have it appear in our opening parade.  They are also going to help out at the Fair Farm and continue to helping out in their regular duties around the fair.  They will be a busy group.

The Agri-Kids will be meeting Sunday, May 6 to start designing their float.  If you know of anyone between the ages of 9 and 16 that may be interested in joining this group of Agri-Kids, please call Kevin Holmes at 905 939-2841.  Agri-Kids motto is “promoting agriculture from the ground up!”



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