May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table

Prizebook Published Online for 2024 Season

Exhibitors and Members of Our Agricultural Society

We are thrilled to present the 2024 Schomberg Fair season prize book! Over the past year, we have worked diligently to make this year’s fair even more exciting and engaging for all our members and exhibitors.

Homecraft Exhibits Shine in the Community Hall

We are excited to inform you that our homecraft exhibits will again be showcased in the fairground community hall. Last year’s renovations have provided a beautiful and spacious venue for our talented exhibitors to display their skills and creativity. Visitors are welcome to drop by and admire the wide range of homecraft items on display. We encourage all our exhibitors to start planning their entries, whether traditional or modern, and to submit their best work for this year’s fair.

Online Registration with AssistExpo

In addition to the return of homecraft exhibits, we are excited to announce a new partnership with AssistExpo. This year, AssistExpo will provide online registration for our Homecraft and Beef Cattle Show entries, making the process more convenient and efficient for our exhibitors.

The 2024 Schomberg Fair Prize Book

Our prize book contains all the details you need to know about the 2024 Schomberg Fair, including dates, rules, classes, sections, and prizes. We are thrilled to reveal that this year’s fair theme is “Through the Farm Gates,” which we believe will inspire our members to showcase what our farms and communities offer.

We encourage all our members and exhibitors to review the prize book, which is available fully online and easy to access from anywhere. You can also download the book as a PDF and print any traditional-style prize book pages.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our General Manager, Cathy Pezzo. We look forward to seeing you all at the 2024 Schomberg Fair!


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