May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table

Thank you for joining us on our 12th annual farm tour!

for their continued financial assistance.  A special thank you to the local retailers who assisted with the ticket sales.

The weather was spectacular which encouraged an incredible attendance.  We are grateful to have such a welcoming agricultural community without whom none of this would be possible.

Check out some photos from the tour.

Fieldholme Hosteins and Chickens Schomberg Farm Tour
Fieldholme Hosteins and Chickens Schomberg Farm Tour

Bryan, Jen, Alexis, Brooke, Rubie and Bruce Fieldhouse
3399 Hwy 27 Bradford, ON
Fieldholme Holsteins has been at its present location since November 1999, after moving from Woodbridge to evade development. The farm milks between 36-40 cows with a total of 90 head of cattle all together; this includes young calves, heifers and milk cows. The farm consists of 310 acres in which crops such as hay, wheat, corn and soybeans are grown for livestock consumption and the remaining for retail. In October 2013 Fieldholme constructed a chicken barn that can hold 26,000 chickens five times per year. They look forward to your visit and questions!

Farisview Holsteins - Schomberg Farm Tour
Farisview Holsteins – Schomberg Farm Tour

Dalton and Allan Faris
2023/2025/2027 Hwy 27 Bradford, ON
The Faris family settled in the Scotch Settlement in the 1800’s and then moved to Yonge Street in Newmarket in the 1920’s.This is where their grandfather J. Dalton Faris established the milking herd. The continued success of the herd has led to its expansion and eventually the relocation. At its present location a newly erected dairy barn is home to approximately 62 milking cows, and the renovation to the existing barns also house many dry cows. The Faris Holsteins are milked twice a day at 4:00am with the last milking done at 4:00pm. The cattle are fed a combination of dry hay, 17% grain ration and corn silage. The Farisview herd are the recipients of several awards for both production and type. They have been blessed with several generations of “Excellent” cows.

Bakerridge Farms - Schomberg Farm Tour
Bakerridge Farms – Schomberg Farm Tour

Dan, Karen, Karlynn, Morgan and Zack Baker
1638 Hwy 27, Schomberg, ON
Bakerridge Farms is known for the Christmas light display and a variety of animals in the front field. They have a sheep flock of approximately 150 ewes along with many new born lambs. The 85 head of beef cattle come in many different colours and breeds. Their farm also consists of goats, llamas, and horses from the big black percherons to the small miniature horses. Dan and Karen also cash crop 1200 acres of wheat, corn, soybeans and hay along with 600 acres of custom work. The Baker family is very involved in the community volunteering with the Schomberg Fair and the local 4-H program.

Brookdale Treeland Nurseries Ltd. - Schomberg Farm Tour
Brookdale Treeland Nurseries Ltd. – Schomberg Farm Tour

President & CEO Jeff Olsen
15450 Hwy 27, Schomberg, ON
Brookdale Treeland Nurseries or BTN was founded in 1983 and is currently one of the largest producers and distributors of landscape and garden plants as well as Christmas greens in Canada. They have 5 locations from British Columbia to New Brunswick, although their head office and main distribution hub is located on their 135 acre property in Schomberg. They specialize in supplying the largest retailers in Canada and the US including The Home Depot, Loblaw, Costco, Kroger and Meijer with product for both Spring and Christmas. At their peak, they employ more than 400 people and ship up to 100 tractor trailers per day from their various locations. In addition to production and distribution facilities, their Schomberg farm also contains their Landscape Supply Centre which is open to Landscapers, Garden Centres, Golf Courses, Municipalities as well as the public on a few weekends in the Spring.


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