May 25 to 28, 2023
Year 173 Fair Theme: Through the Farm Gates

Antiques – Class 28

Antiques Class 28: Sections 1 – 57


Chair: Liz MacPherson…………..…..905-939-8181

Co-Chair:  Andy MacPherson

Committee: Cathy Davis, Lisa Whittaker, Bob Teather, Carol Boyd.


General rules at the front of this book apply to this class. –

Two Lists of antiques entered are required for this class. The second list must accompany the antiques and be signed by both the exhibitor and a committee member.

  • The best possible care will be taken to safeguard the articles, but we cannot be responsible for the articles or accidents to them.
  • Tags will be opened unless otherwise requested.
  • Any mounting box, tray, cardboard, or hanger etc. is for safety and display, and will not influence judging.
  • Condition, age, rarity, and historical significance will be considered.
  • Small cracks or flaws will not disqualify the item.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to enter items that follow the current Fair Theme and will be given preference.
  • Historical interest and approximate age of entry would be appreciated but is not necessary for a prize. This may be indicated on the tag.
  • The article must not have been entered in the past 3 years.
  • New Exhibitors: Please mark tag “New Exhibitor” beside your name on the tag.
  • Prizes: 1st – $4.00, 2nd – $3.50, 3rd – $3.00
  • There will be a Best OF Show rosette awarded

This year’s Theme is “Through the Farm Gates”


Antiques: Articles must Pre date 1950

  1. Animal Shaped Cream Pitcher
  2. Milk Pail
  3. Horse or another Small Equine shoe
  4. Sleigh Bells
  5. Farm Sale Poster
  6. Old Picture of Heavy Horse(s)
  7. Indigenous Article of Basket Weaving
  8. Indigenous Article of Bead Work
  9. Indigenous Article of Quilling
  10. In Memoriam Card
  11. Birth Certificate
  12. Marriage License
  13. House Deed
  14. Child’s Story Book
  15. Dresser Set
  16. Novelty Tea Pot
  17. Small Item of DepressionGlass
  18. Cup and Saucer
  19. Silver Ice Bucket
  20. Merchandise Catalogue
  21. Evening Bag
  22. Mourning Jewellery
  23. Stick Pin
  24. Hat Pin
  25. Seamstress’s Chalk Hem Marker
  26. Ladies Bracelet
  27. Signet Ring
  28. Wooden Hanger
  29. Foldable Yard Stick
  30. English Floral Ornament


Nostalgia: (Collectables/Retro)

For this section Articles Must Date from the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s

  1. Decorative Plate –Farm Scene
  2. Farm Dispersal Catalogue –Cattle or Horses
  3. Soap Stone or “Pearlite/Wolf Sculpture”
  4. Vintage Wood Sculpture
  5. Cup and Saucer
  6. Novelty Tea Pot
  7. Christmas Decorative Plate
  8. Unusual Shaped Liquor Bottle
  9. Local Voting List
  10. Evening Bag
  11. Collection of Three (3) small Christmas Ornaments in a box
  12. High School Memorabilia such as Ring, Sweater–not Yearbook
  13. Ladies Charm Bracelet (inbox)
  14. Silver Cream and Sugar (tray optional)
  15. Ethnic craft – (list country of origin on tag) Suggestion -clothing, household linen, craft.



  1. What IS IT? Stump The Judge!

Unusual Article not exhibited in the past 5 years.  Identify its use in an attached envelope.

Prizes: 1st- $4.00, 2nd- $3.50, 3rd-$3.00

  1. Future Collectible OR Antique. Something made after 1970 that you anticipate will become a desirable collectible or antique.

Prize donated by Joanne and Clarke Smith.  Prizes:  1st- $20.00, 2nd- $15.00, 3rd- $5.00

  1. Jack Orr Special – “My Most Prized Antique” Prizes: 1st- $25.00, 2nd- $15.00, 3rd- $10.00
  2. New Exhibitor Award. For the Most Points to a person who has never entered before in Class 28. Prize: $10.00
  3. Best OF Show Award. A “Best of Show” Rosette will be awarded to the best entry in this class.
  4. Committee will give a prize for the item that best represents the Fair Theme “Through the Farm Gates”.

Visitors TO Our Booth will also have a chance to guess the identity of a Mystery Antique”  for a prize to be determined.

Click the tabs below to get instructions, entry forms and rules from each of the tabs.