May 25 to 28, 2023
Year 174 Fair Theme: Through the Farm Gates

Horticulture – Class 31

Horticulture Class 31: Section 1 – 55


Chair:Barb Niemeyer, 905 939 2216

Co-Chair:Norma Jean Stephenson Frans Committee:  Sheila Kelly, Mary Bachlow

  • all rules at the beginning of the Homecraft section apply
  • all entries are judged by the Ontario Judging Standards Book
  • the use of the chemical “Plant Shine” is discouraged and infested plants will be isolated in plastic bags & not be judged- the exhibitor with Highest Points will receive a special prize, to be determined before the Fair



Prizes:  1st – $3.00   2nd – $2.50   3rd – $2.00

  1. Tulip red
  2. Tulip, white or cream
  3. Tulip, yellow
  4. Tulip, variegated (blended colours)
  5. Tulip, purple or mauve
  6. Tulip, double
  7. Tulip, pink or rose
  8. Tulip, multi-floral (more than one flower per stem)
  9. Tulip, fringed
  10. Tulip, parrot
  11. Tulip, bi-colour
  12. Tulip, apricot or orange
  13. Tulip, lili type
  14. Narcissus or daffodil
  15. Lily of the Valley, 3 stems only, leaves if attached
  16. Lilac, common, 1 truss
  17. Lilac, double, 1 truss
  18. Bleeding heart – 1 stem
  19. Pansies, 3 stems with own foliage
  20. Violas, 3 stems with own foliage
  21. Crown Imperial (Skunk Flower)
  22. Iris – white or cream, 1 stem
  23. Iris – pink, 1 stem
  24. Iris – yellow, 1stem
  25. Iris – peach, 1 stem
  26. Iris – mauve, 1 stem
  27. Iris – blue, 1 stem
  28. Iris – bronze, 1 stem
  29. Iris – purple, 1 stem
  30. Iris – black, 1 stem
  31. Iris – plicata – any colour with fancy markings on edge – 1 stem
  32. Iris – beige, 1 stem
  33. Iris – two tone, 1 stem
  34. Iris – 3 distinct colours, 1 stem
  35. Iris – Siberian, 1 stem
  36. Iris – any other colour not listed, 1 stem
  37. Oriental Poppy, any colour, 1 bloom
  38. Solomon’s seal, 1 stem
  39. Columbine, 1stem
  40. Flowering bench
  41. Lupin, 1 stem
  42. Peony, 1 stem, no buds
  43. Leopards Bane, 1 stem
  44. Allium, 1 stem
  45. Any other flower not listed



Prizes: 1st – $5.00    2nd – $4.00    3rd – $3.00   Commercial flowers may be used, but no artificial or dried flowers unless stated. Accessories only when listed


Chief Points OF Design

Colour harmony, distinction and originality, suitability to occasion, texture harmony, and condition of blooms & relation to container.

  1. She Sells Seashells” a miniature design in a shell, size not to exceed 2″ in any direction including shell.
  2. Beauty Without Bloom” a design using only foliage, no flowers.
  3. Cool Vase” a design using shades of one colour, greenery allowed
  4. People’s ChoiceJewels of Spring” a design using Spring flowers. To be judged by people attending the Fair. Ballots will be available at the cash table for the snack bar.


1st place $15.00, 2nd place $10.00 Donated by Norma Jean Stephenson Frans.

  1. Heavenly Smell” a basket of lilacs.
  2. Quilting Block” create a design with natural material in a square container, not to exceed 9”.
  3. Frog Goes Courting” a water design in a glass dish or container, accessories allowed.
  4. Green Living Roof” a fresh design that could be seen on a roof top, using a rectangular container to make a green sanctuary. Accessories permitted.
  5. Going Back IN Time” a floral design of your heritage. Best design will win a gift certificate fromSeason‘S Floral Studio, Schomberg.
  6. Through The Farm Gates” our fair theme. An arrangement, using your imagination.

Special price: $15.00 donated by Barb Niemeyer.

There will be one Best of Show Rosette awarded to the best entry in the Specimen Section   There will be one Best of Show Rosette awarded to the best entry in the Arrangements Section

Special Prize: A plaque in memory of Doris Hughes. One winner will be selected from the Arrangements Section and their name entered on the Perpetual Plaque donated by Linda Baker.

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