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Getting Hitched At The Schomberg Agriculture Spring Fair

Saturday May 25 2013, Heavy (Draft) Horse Show

Experience horsepower like it was intended. Feel the stands and the earth tremble as the horse hitch teams create a spectacle as they stomp into the ring as one, outfitted in patent leather and chrome harness pulling the large hitch wagons.

Yes Folks the Schomberg Agriculture Spring Fairs’ Draft Horse Show with line classes and teams are back once again to show the beauty, grandeur and the sheer force of today’s draft horses as they compete in the Main Ring on Saturday.  Registered Line Classes start at 10am and the Hitch Show starts at 1:30 pm with the Jeff Hodgson Memorial Six Horse Hitch Class leading things off.

Draught and Commercial Horses
Draught and Commercial Horses

A hitch is a unit consisting of the exhibitor, his or her horse(s) and vehicle, being a cart or wagon. The judge observes  all hitches normally from the middle of the ring. A judge may want to see the horses and hitch come straight on and would therefore stand at one end to enable him to see how straight and fluidly the horses are moving and that the hitch is properly aligned.  All of the hitches are driven both ways of the ring to see the working of all horses, you know yourself performing some tasks, it is quite common to be better doing something one way or to work on the outside as oppose to the inside and this way the judge assesses the teams in all situations.

While many spectators are in awe in the beauty and grace of these teams, the judge is the person determining the criteria of the day, as the ribbons are to be pinned.   Exhibitors in these classes are showing their horses to the best of their ability.  Whether it is a single horse, a team of 2, 4 or 6 horses, they must perform together as a unit.  The general public sees a matched team as being of similar colour and markings.  Think more about the height of each horse,  about length of stride and height and flex of action in movement of both the hind and front feet and legs, carriage and height of the nose, head and neck should be similar in the team and at all times each horse should complement each other and work together.  Presentation and style in general is a big factor, enhancement of decorations, maintenance of both the wagon and harness and the proper fit of the harness.

Teams are observed at the walk and trot, and then are halted in the centre of the ring for a closer observation by the judge.  At this time the judge looks over the conformation, bone structure, and strength of characteristics of the horse(s) before him as a team and how they meet the criteria of their breed and to ensure they are free of blemishes.   The judge then looks at each hitch individually and normally at this time asks each driver to back up  his horses, looking for fluid  movement of each horse and how they work together.  Finally, the judge places all of the hitches in the order of his or her preference

The Schomberg Agriculture  Horse Show is one of the recognized Heavy Horse Shows in Ontario Fair Circuit.   It is also now known to Ontario 6 Horse Hitch teams as an opportunity to be able to qualify for the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series.

2011 Schomberg Fair Dates
Schomberg Fair Dates

The goal of the North American Classic Series to promote the draft horse breeds is being realized within all levels of competition. Each year, more than 175 six-horse hitches across the United States and Canada compete at Agriculture fairs to accumulate points for the Classic Series.  At the end of the series, the four highest point hitches in each of three breed classifications are invited to compete at the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series Final Championship.

Schomberg Fair is extremely proud to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of showcasing  the 6 Horse Hitch on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm.  With the generous support of the Bradford Fire Fighters Associations, and Cole Engineering, Markham Ontario, The Jeff Hodgson Memorial Six Horse Hitch Class for the past three years has been a qualifier for this fantastic Series.

Come and support our outstanding representation.  Two regulars from the Schomberg Fair entrants have achieved the right in the past to compete in the finals, “ Glencal Percherons”  and ” David Carson Auctions Clydesdales”  traveling to Denver Colorado.

We are proud and honored that we were able to be part of your journey to this world class competition.

The Schomberg Spring Fair show features some of the finest horses in Ontario, representing the best of the Belgian, Percheron, and Clydesdale/Shire line and performance horses.  If you have not experienced the beauty and skill of these teams , we invite you to join other Fair  spectators, young and old alike, who come out each year and fill the stands to watch the grace , beauty and skill of the draft teams as they  demonstrate the versatility and usefulness of the working horse on Saturday May 25 2013.

See you there, at the fair…May 23-26 2013


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