May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table

History of the beginning of a community arena!


Displays in the Arena
Displays in the Arena

First let us quote Dr. Jones the man behind the building of the Arena

“What is a Community Project?

In the first place there can be no such thing unless the there is a community minded spirit in the people: that is people willing to render their service for the benefit of everyone else”.

In 1959 a group of citizens led by Dr. Jones formed an organization to build an Arena in Schomberg. They called it Schomberg Community Memorial Arena. In 1961 the name was changed to Schomberg Community and Agricultural Arena In 1962 the cenotaph was moved to the arena.

Why the Arena was given to the Township:

The Land was donated by Mrs. Ruth Wray. This was a valuable contribution to such a venture. In 1961 Community Memorial Arena Board as it was initially called met with the Ag society to discuss the feasibility of transferring the land deeded to the project by Mrs. Ruth Wray to the Agricultural Society. They decided to meet with the Provincial Agriculture Representative to discuss it. The Provincial Agriculture Representative advised keeping the property deeded in the name of the Township of King and that the Agricultural Society to have use of the grounds and building by way of an agreement undertaken by council and the fair board. The Agricultural Society could then apply for a Capital expenditure grant which would be 25% of the value placed on the building for agricultural purposes. The agreement was for the Agricultural Society to have use of the Arena and grounds for one week each year for their annual Fair. Also the Agreement stated that the Arena be available to the Agricultural Society for 4H achievement days also that the arena and grounds be made available for one day for fund raising. That the Schomberg Agricultural Society has access to the north end of the fair grounds at all times and the parking lot is available for use by the Schomberg Agricultural Society. In lieu of this the Schomberg Agricultural Society would apply for any Agricultural Grant applicable under the Agricultural Societies Act and such grants are turned over to the Arena Board. The Schomberg Agricultural Society would appoint each year one member of their board as a member of the Arena Board. This agreement was signed July 1961.


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