May 23 to 26, 2024
Year 174 Fair Theme: From Farm To Table

History of Schomberg Fair

The Fair originated as the King Township Fair, moving about the Township from Aurora, King Village, Laskay, Kettleby, Nobleton, and Brownsville (Schomberg).

In 1902 the Steam train from Oak Ridges to Schomberg first arrived.  The “Annie Rooney” train so named after the comic strip, made the Market in Schomberg and the annual Fair much more popular by bringing more visitors to the village

In 1907 The Market Association was formed to manage the large attendance at Market Day. The Fairgrounds were used for the overflow of horses and the many hitching posts.

Victor Attridge of Schomberg, in 1910, was permitted to erect a building on the fairgrounds to house a skating rink. As part of the agreement, the Fair was to have use of the building for the two days of the fair.

An agreement was negotiated in 1925 between the Fair and the Bowling Club for use of the grounds as a bowling green. A five year deal was established with the Agricultural Society at the cost of one dollar per year.

In 1929 a new skating rink was built on the grounds by Charles Fell for the sum of five dollars per year. The previous arena did not have the same popularity after 1927 when the railroad to Schomberg ended and players from the Metropolitan Hockey League stopped coming to Schomberg to compete against local talent.

The first Old Time Fiddlers Contest was held at the Schomberg Fair in 1957. Contestants from Niagara to Kingston participated.

On May 24, 1964 the Centennial Gates located beside the Community hall were dedicated in a special ceremony. Ken Archibald of Schomberg built the stone gates that hold the plaques and serve as a wonderful entrance to the fairgrounds.

Baking cabinets for exhibits were built in 1968 and shared with neighbouring fairs in Cookstown and Beeton.

The Clubhouse was built on the fairgrounds in 1964. It was to be used by young peoples’ organizations such as the Scouts, Cubs and Guides.

Hurricane Hazel arrived and destroyed the original barn on the fairgrounds. A new barn was built, extending onto the Gordon Brown property. It was not until 1965 that the Society gained the deed for the barn.

Lights were added to the fairgrounds in 1969 and erected by members Albert Hitchman, Peter Sutherland and Bruce Thompson. 

The Fair Queen contest was held for the first time in 1970. It is now known as the Fair Ambassador competition and is open to both girls and boys. The winner competes at the CNE.

In 1975 the Dr. Jones Dining Room was added to the Arena by the Lions Club and with support of the Agricultural Society and other local organizations.

1976 saw the first Tractor pull held at the Fair and in 1995 it was moved August and became its own event.

Donations from the Heacock family in memory of Dudley and Elvin Heacock were received in 1977. In accordance with their Father’s wishes, the money was put toward building a Mobile stage for the Schomberg Fair. This stage continues to experience great use by the Society and other organizations.

The Agricultural Society and the Lions Club obtained government grant approval in 1991 for the construction of new Ball Diamond lights. In 1992 they were installed and are used by various community baseball groups.

A permanent show pen was erected on the fairgrounds in 2000 with proper fencing and gates creating a wonderful venue for the cattle and horse shows during the Spring Fair.

A time capsule was placed in the local library containing fair memorabilia – to be re-opened in 50 years.



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